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8 Steps to Buying an Owner Financed Home
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See what some of most recent clients are saying about us.  These are actual testimonials of individuals that have taken advantage of all that we offer and put our tips into action.  
Just outstanding how they've been there for me from the 1st call I placed in my pursuit of trying to purchase a home. I knew my history would be a challenge but they kept me positive and here I am today PREAPPROVED to be a homeowner! I would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a reputable agency to work with. Top Notch Service!!
We had been renting a house for several years and were at the point in our lives, where we wanted to own our own home. Knowing we had bad credit we figured the only way was rent to own or a large down payment with a high interest rate would be our only choice to buy a house. They explained to me how The Credit Agents repaired credit, a higher credit score would help us get a mortgage loan to buy our home the right way. We started in March of 2013, and we moved into our new home at the end of June,2013 with an interest rate of 3.8. 
-M. Ventura
-C. Mandjuano